Africa is the second largest continent in the world. So, you can understand how big the size is and the population that it has. Quite naturally, it also has a variety of communities and the languages that are spoken are also quite different. If you are a language enthusiast or a professional linguistic company like Jonckers, you will be surprised to know that there might be more than 3000 languages that are spoken in this continent. Yes, you read that right! The linguistic diversity of this continent is worth something to research about. Although the most common languages that are spoken in Africa are English, French, and Arabic but let’s take a look at some of the most uncommon languages about Africa:


This language is mostly spoken in Zimbabwe. The country has a population of around 14 million or more and about 10 million speak Shona. Shona originates from the Nguni or Bantu family of languages and it is also spoken in some parts of Mozambique and Botswana. Once you get acquainted with the pronunciation and the meaning of the different words according to the English terminology, it will not be too hard to understand what the other person is saying.


People staying in the Horn of Africa are known to speak this language called Oromo. It is mostly spoken in Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The Oromo population constitutes the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. This language was banned for several years, from 1974 to 1991 but was later adopted in the Latin alphabet. Like Shona, you have to understand the difference between the words that you normally speak in English or maybe in your native language and Oromo. It is possible to learn the language but you have to remember a lot of words to communicate with the community easily.


Igbo is one of the official languages of Nigeria and a significant number of people from Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon speak this language. The best part about Igbo is that it has over 20 dialects but Central Igbo is the most prominent of them all. This language originated from the Volta-Niger family of languages and is very sweet to listen when spoken in the local dialect.


This is not a very uncommon language because it is widely spoken in Ethiopia. In fact, it is another official language of Ethiopia after Oromo. If you compare Semitic languages in the world, Amharic comes second after Arabic. It has that Afroasiatic dialect that makes it one of the most popular languages in the world too. Although it is closely related to Hebrew and Arabic, Amharic has made its own ground because of the number of people that speak this language both inside and outside of Ethiopia. In addition to being a very well-spoken language, it is a very well-written language also. Each of the letters in this language represents a combination of vowel and consonant. You will find lots of online teachers who will help you learn this language because it is not difficult to memorize the letters and understand the language.


Hausa is a very common Chadic language and also one of the official languages of Nigeria. This language originated from the Hausa people that lived in the Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria and also in Western Africa. But Hausa is not just limited to these parts in Africa. It is also spoken in Sudan, Germany, Congo, Togo, and many other countries.
Linguistic enthusiasts often try to research different languages. Well, there will not be a bigger variety than in Africa. You can look up and find out thousands of more languages that are spoken in this continent.